How I can have wireless carplay work in my SYNC3?

Posted by william lee on

Apple CarPlay is very popular and very convenient features liked by many Ford owners,it is safe and easy while driving to using navigation,listenning music and voice control by Siri.

But a wired Apple CarPlay is not convenient,you have to plug your iPhone in every time when you get into your vehicle and a lighting wire will not keep your dashboard tidy,also if you have a phone holder under windshield,the wire may distract your attention which is not safe for driving or affect your driving.That's why Apple make more user friendly Wireless CarPlay years ago.

Unfortunately,Ford not make SYNC3 equipped with a wireless carplay,but now after years of our technicians and enginners'effort,we now can make WIRELESS CARPLAY work in SYNC3  system,it can support iOS 10 or higher and SYNC3 V3.0 or higher version.

With this dongle easy plug and play solution,it is very simple to using,those who want a wireless in their Ford worth a shot,click HERE for more information.wireless apple carplay for for

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