What's new in SYNC3?

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What new features Ford upgrade in new SYNC3 system?Why i want to upgrade it?

As you may know,from 2016 Ford start to using his new SYNC3 entertainment system to replace old SYNC2,after years update,now the version 3.3 is available,which it can use Apple CarPlay/Android auto to mirroring your phone to SYNC3 8 inch capacitive screen and more APPs like Spotify Waze etc.


But the Ford vehicle 2011 thru 2015 still equipped with SYNC2 or SYNC3 version lower thatn 2.3 cannot still not available to using those popular APPs and from the comparison of the chart below,you will see SYNC3 is more powerful than old SYNC2 system.

You can find more from SYNC3 manual:



Another reason why it is popular to upgrade is because of the SYNC2 system's high default rate,more and more Ford owners complaint SYNC2 has black screen,system faulty or navigation faulty and so on errors after year using,SYNC2 windows system is too old to using for now.

How I can upgrade my Ford to SYNC3 ?

Want to upgrade your F-150 with SYNC3?You can easily upgrade to SYNC3 with our plug&play complete kits,no matter now you have SYNC 4 inch screen or SYNC2 8 inch resistance screen.

Still not sure which one you should to using for upgrading?Contact us with your VIN number please.

OEMUPGRADES-original entertainments you can trust.

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