2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Ford Mustang 12' LCD Instrument Cluster Speedometer upgrade

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2015-2019 Ford Mustang 12' LCD Instrument Cluster Speedometer upgrade

The new TFT LCD instrument panel cluster in the 2015+ Mustang

Parts for conversion to TFT LCD on-board computer
The conversion of round instruments to the TFT LCD cluster includes the following original parts:

TFT LCD display
Mask / frame for on-board computer
A column control module
steering wheel buttons

This retrofit includes the following work
Determine the right hardware components
Manual creation of the configuration data for the new modules acc. Network configuration
Programming of the new modules

An installed SYNC 3 with the latest software version is recommended. Vehicles with SYNC 2 (US MY15, EU MY15 and MY16) or 1.1 (basic models / TrackPack / V6) can also be upgraded, but not all features of the 2018 display may be available (eg navigation instructions, audio controls, driving modes, ...). Since this is the original display, all functions are available in principle. However, the display is configured to suit the vehicle's equipment. The function of sound control of the exhaust is e.g. deactivated, since this option does not exist at the factory. Additional features can be unlocked! With this conversion, a change of the display from miles to kilometers is possible.