2018 2019 2020 Ford F-150 8'LCD Instrument Cluster Speedometer upgrade

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2018 2019 2020 Ford F-150 8' LCD Instrument Cluster Speedometer upgrade kit

Digital speed display,pre-programming your miles

Tire pressure display

Recharge mileage

Compass display

Multimedia display

Programming includes:
1. mileage correction (your current/estimated mileage) programmed to 8" cluster **
2. your current/estimated Engine Hours & Engine Idle Hours programmed to 8" cluster
3. you truck's VIN coded to the 8" cluster (makes the cluster look legit to any software that connects to your truck like dealership's IDS software)
4. your truck's as-built values programmed to the 8" cluster so that the cluster is completely plug & play without any on-screen errors when plugged in. Examples of as-built values would be 2WD/4WD, fuel tank size, trailer brake controller,etc.
5. Any FORScan changes desired to the IPC like temps above engine/trans gauge, Average Speed menu item, Seatbelt Minder disabled, placard tire pressure specified value displayed in TPMS screen, etc.

** Proof of current mileage will be required


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