Ford Lincoln ACC Adaptive Cruise Control System with BLIS|Lane keeping|Pre-Collision

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Ford Technology configuration Adaptive Cruise Control System with BLIS Lane keeping Pre-Collision upgrading kits

1.Future high technology configurations

2.Advanced safety protection system

3.Adaptive Cruise Control

4.Lane Keeping

5.Pre-Collision,auto brake when emergency

Check video how it works



What's included?

1.Distance sensor

2.Blind Spot detection sensor

3.IPMA module(if necessary)

4.Exterior mirror with Blind Spot 

5.Head Up display(If neccessary)



8.Wire Harness

9.Pre-programmed modules,complete kits,plug and play

**some parts may gentle used**

What can be fitted?

2013-2019 Taurus

2015-2019 Edge

2015-2018 Fusion

2015-2020 F-150 F-250 

2015-2020 Expedition