How we are responding COVID-19?

The recent development of COVID-19 has increasingly affected our lives, business, supply chain and transportation. The safety of our employees and customers has always been our first consideration, so we are taking 

measures to continuously maintain our best customer service to the greatest possible extent, and ship orders to customers as quickly as possible.

Considering that we will let our employees work from home as much as possible to ensure safety, order processing, response to questions, speed of delivery, processing of returns and refunds may be affected to some extent, please expect few more time than our usual. But if our website allows to add to cart and complete the purchase, it proves that your order is still in stock and will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

The customer's life safety has always been the concern of OEMUPGRADES.At present, the most effective measures against COVID-19 are to maintain social distance, wash hands frequently, minimize going out or go to places where people gather, and wear masks and other protective measures when necessary.

But considering the current shortage of protective supplies and leaving as much anti-epidemic supplies as possible to the front line to protect our health and safety, we are purchasing surgical face masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectants with our suppliers, and send it free&randomly in limited quantities to our customers with their orders and others who need help (if they can provide us with the shipping address and FEDEX or DHL carrier'account number). However, due to the current shortage of protective materials and the impact of various policies and they may be out of stock at any time, we cannot guarantee that all requests are met, and we are very sorry for this.

Finally, we may need to prepare for a long-term fight against COVID-19, please stay healthy and stay safe!And thank you so much to all the first responders working in front lines.

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