How to win $1000 in cash?

  1. Use our products to take a very good video (you can share how to installation,how to use features,how to trouble shooting,recommend us…).
  2. Share it at YouTube.
  3. Close the comment.
  4. Make more people watch or like it.
  5. Email us ( video link,we will update the ranks to all participants monthly in our website.
  6. Who will win $1000?
      6.1  The first video which watched over 150,000 times
      6.2  The first video which liked over 10,000
      6.3  No video accomplishes the goals till July 31st,2021?
      We will rank all of our participants:
      6.3.1      The most watched video maker win $300
      6.3.2      The most liked video maker win $200
      6.3.3      The Top10 who Share&Recommend our website to social media most times in 30 days will win $50 each.
  1. PayPal account needed for rewards transfer.
  2. Proof of goals accomplished(link,screenshot etc) needed.
  3. Those who cheat will be disqualified immediately.
  4. Rewards will be sent before August15th ,2021.
  5. We reserve the right of final interpretation.
  6. Good luck y'all.

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