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Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps from your mobile device support in your SYNC3



This complete SYNC3 upgrade kits comes with 100% Geniune Ford Parts and includes all needed,pre-programmed with your VIN.



1.Genuine Ford SYNC3 APIM module
2.Genuine Ford 8" Capacitive Touchscreen.
3.Screen to module cable.
4.GPS antenna.
7.USB HUB Bezel(if needed).
8.Pre-programming for your car,no dealer visit required.

9.Forscan OBD2 programming tool(Backup for online programming if you changed or added features from factory).

10.Radio bezel(may gently used)

11.Mount brackets(may gently used).

12.Conversion power harness.


  1. Apple CarPlay
  2. Android Auto
  3. The Latest&stablest 2021 V3.4 
  4. OEM parts,plug and play not cutting needed.
  5. Retains ALL Factory Features (Rear Camera, Climate Controls, Steering Wheel Controls, Heated/Cooled Seats) 
    Some 13-16 Fusions may lose Active Park Assist (if equipped)
  6. Voice Activated Navigation with new 2021 full NA2 20 maps for USA and Canada



    • 2017 2018 2019 FORD F250 F350 F450 equipped 4' SYNC1 system 
    • Online Programming maybe needed to open the Bluetooth Audio in ACM module(CD player,cannot pre-programming),Tools ship together with package,contact for live tech support if necessary.

    Something you may ask:

    1. Manual climate control cannot upgrade to automatic by our solution.
    2. By upgrade our factory SYNC3,future Ford SYNC software upgrade still available via USB or WiFi.
    3. Some cars optioned SYNC connect/FordPass,this kit cannot add.
    4. Factory warranty not void although Ford will not warranty our kit,we provide one year warranty.
    5. SiriusXM subscriptionswill remain not be affected.


    1.Q:Can it fit my car?

    A:You can check our compatibility list to see if your car in the list,or you can contact us with your VIN number and radio screen picture.Not sure which SYNC you have? Click HERE please.

    2.Q:Why are you cheaper than competitors?

    A: Yes some competitors build up their brands earlier than us but that doesn't mean there is much difference of the products itself,to providing competitive products to satisfy our valued clients is one of our brand's vision,and we are continually providing affordable price,professional experience and skills,better after sale service,and new technologies to achieve that.

    3.Q:Will my old factory features be affected?

    A:As an OEM upgrades solution,old features should not worried to lost,you will still have Sirius XM radio,OEM backup camera,climate control etc.

    4.Q:Can I still upgrade system in the future?

    A:Yes you still can upgrade from USB port when it's available.

    5.Q:Can I add SYNC connect /FordPass to my vehicle ?

    A:No,you need another kits.

    6.Q:How long warranty I have?Can it affect Ford warranty?

    A:Factory warranty not void although Ford will not warranty our kit,we provide one year warranty.

    7.Q:If my vehicle equipped manual Climate,can I upgrade to auto Climate after this upgrade?

    A:No,you will still have manual climate. 

    8.Q:Why should I upgrade to SYNC 3 system?

    A:Ford have added impressive new functionality, while also making your overall system function better. Take advantage of enhancements that will help you be more productive and your commute more efficient.The newest version now is 2020 V3.4 which will comes with our kits.Your can click HERE for more information.

    9.Q:Why do I need a OBD2 programming tool?

    A:This tool is for spare using for online programming,if you have changed or added some features from factory like change tire size,this can be used to correct the code.An 4'' to 8'' SYNC conversion have to use this to setup Bluetooth audio after installation.Also it can use for your future upgrades like LCD cluster upgrade,power folder mirror and error clearance etc.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Josh (Seattle, WA, US)
    Good experience

    I have had to contact them more than I ever wanted because of my own lack of knowledge.

    Very helpful things arrived on time. They respond right away and make sure to help. Overall good experience. Anything that went wrong they helped me fix right away.

    I love the fact that they responded right away and got me going asap.

    I would definitely buy from them again!

    Brian Lunde
    Still waiting for parts

    Screen and wire harness are great. Tech support was awesome. But still waiting for the bezel.

    Dan Jordan (Beaverton, OR, US)
    It works!

    It took a couple of weeks to get. No instructions included so I had to jump on to YouTube to see how to install it. It is pretty much plug and play but instructions for install would have been helpful. I got a plug that goes to the scan plug on the truck with a USB plug on the other end.. Still not sure what that is for. the used radio bezel I got was in good shape. Overall happy.

    Allen J Scheidel (Ionia, MI, US)
    Decent product

    Worked as described. Plug and play for the most part. All new parts except the radio bezel. It was sent to me from a salvage company (used) and was beat up and really dirty. The usb plug was a different size then the one that came out so I had to dremel the cut out larger to accept the new plug. I also had to modify the plug for the usb to fit into the back of the APIM (module). I will most likely buy a new radio bezel as I am not happy with the one they sent. It was not gently used.